About meEdit

Gender: Male

Birthday: June 27

Blood Type : O

Height: 178 cm

weight: 73 kg

Likes: Tae Kwon Do, Horror Film, Drawing

I am a man that enjoys martial arts, Videogames, Horror films. I trained Wing tsun, Lima-Lama and currently practicin Tae Kwon Do. I like to draw, I am not that good but trying to improve.

My favorite fighting game series are : Goketsuji Ichizoku, Rival Schools, King of Fighters , Rage of the Dragons and Tekken. Overall I am a big fan of the Goketsuji Ichizoku series.I created the Wikipedia article long time ago(from which this Wiki uses most of its information) an I am doing my best to make this wiki to be the most complete as possible. Now I have some valuable allies that are helping me to fix mistakes, translating or giving me new information or images: They are Kamoko, Sakkun and Magott, how are excellent artist and also fans of the Goketsuji Ishizoku Series. Thanks to them for their awesome contribution --Kamoko Gallery --- Sakkun Gallery --- Magott Gallery

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