Takumi Hattori
Takumi Hattori
Height110 cm
Weight28 kg
Attack specialtyNinjitsu
FamilySakurako Hattori (Mother)
Gennai Hattori (Uncle)
Shin Hattori (Uncle)
Ohkura Hattori (Grandfather)
Rikuro Hattori (Grand Uncle)
Saizo Hattori (Cousin)

Takumi Hattori (破鳥 匠, Hattori Takumi) is one of the new characters who made their debut in Goketsuji Ichizoku Matsuri Senzo Kuyou. Takumi was voiced by Haruna Mima .

About Takumi Edit

This little boy is the cousin of Saizo Hattori. He is a military enthusiast and has combined his ninja skills with knowledge gleaned from military magazines, developing an affinity for trap construction. However, he is very shy much like his cousin. His mother, worried that his personality will become too much like Saizo's, submits his entry for the tournament to try to help him to overcome his sociophobia.

Takumi also likes anime and manga. The name of his Kinjite technique is a reference to Kenshiro's catchphrase "Omae wa mou shindeiru" ("You are already dead.") from Hokuto no Ken (also known as Fist of the North Star internationally)

Special Moves Edit

  • Wire Trap: Takumi pulls out a wire that is hidden in the ground, damaging an enemy within its range.
  • Bamboo Trap!: Takumi sets a hidden trap in the battlefield that is activated when the enemy is close to it. When is activated some sharp bamboo sticks come out stabbing the opponent.
  • Full Turn Wire: Using his wires to ascend, Takumi performs a multi-hit somersault kick surrounded by flames.
  • FЯLIF-ATTACK: After the FRLIF-BOMB Takumi will come out from the explosive back performing a spinning kick.
  • Log Swing: Takumi activates atrap that release a log that swings throught the screen beating the enemy that stand on its way
  • Trap Crossing: A series of pillars comes out from the ground while Takumi jumps onto each of them while they're hitting the enemy. When Takumi gets to the last pillar he will perform an aerial kick.
  • Ran Sachi (Inserting Turbulence): Takumi punches the enemy to stun them, then unleashes several sharp bamboo sticks from every angle of the screen to stab the enemy.
  • Omae no Ude Wa Mou Shindeiru (Your arm is already dead): Takumi latches onto the enemy from behind and unleashes several attacks. He then proceeds to apply an arm lock to break his opponent's arm before finally throwing them through the air.

Music Theme Edit

  • Chinmoku no Sabage (Silent Survival Game) - Senzo Kuyou

Appearances Edit

  • Goketsuji Ichizoku Matsuri Senzo Kuyou
  • CR Goketsuji Ichizoku - Event character

Artwork Edit

Trivia Edit

  • As with Rin, he didn't appear in the original family tree, though in an article published in Arcadia Magazine, it was stated that he is the nephew of Saizo Hattori. However, the official Matsuri Senzo Kuyou site confirms that Saizo is his cousin.