Super Sandra
Sandra Belti Young
Super as she appears in Goketsuji Ichizoku Matsuri Senzo Kuyou
Height170 cm
Weight54 kg

Super Sandra is the transformed state of Sandra Belti.

About Super Sandra Edit

Stealing the energy of her opponents Sandra is able to regain her youth. Much like the Goketsuji twins she can stay young just for a few seconds before turn back to her original form. In this state Sandra is a red haired tall woman that uses dual sabers to fight. Dispite sharing many of her animations with Super Elizabeth, unlike the Goketsuji sisters, Super Sandra and Super Elizabeth have a different set of special moves. Altough some of their special moves may look a little bit similar the main difference is that Super Elizabeth uses a Lance, while Super Sandra uses mainly a Morning Star in most of her Special Moves.

Special MovesEdit

  • Iron Swing : Sandra will move forward rotating her morning star. If the opponent is close, the attack will hit multiple times. Is posible to change the direction of the attack by pressing up or down.
  • Iron Swing Succession:
  • Air-iron swing:
  • Iron Swing Rush: Sandra will dash forward whilebrandishin her Morning Star
  • Iron Swing Ectasy: Sandra will rush forward unleashing a series of continous attacks finishing with an attack using her morning star

Appearences Edit