Super Oume
Super Oume
Super Oume
BirthdateSeptember 15, 1915
BirthplaceSomewhere in the northwestern region of Kyoto, Japan
Height161 cm
Weight48 kg
Blood typeUnknown (Rumors say that she transforms at the sight of Blood)
FamilyOtane Goketsuji (Twin Sister)
Oshima Goketsuji (Mother)

Super Oume is the transformed state of Oume Goketsuji, regressing back to her youthful form much like her sister, Otane, and possesses many of her same moves.

About Super OumeEdit

Oume has the ability to steal the vital energy from her enemies to become young again. Oume had a great desire for power since she was a little girl and her strength and ability made her the favorite daughter of her mother Oshima. Her cute and innocent appearance hide her cruel personality and over time, she became an evil woman, and is willing to destroy even her own family to get what she wants.

Special MovesEdit

  • Chourenka (Heart Bomb) - Oume leaps into the air, throwing out a flaming heart at her enemy that will ignite them in deadly flames upon contact.
  • Sha Chourenka(Diagonal Chourenka) - Much similar to the above move, only done from the air and is aimed downwards at the enemy.
  • Koushokuheki (Rainbow Colored Wall)- Oume throws her arm down through the air, creating a rainbow-colored shield of energy for protection. There is also a non-charge variation of this move that can only be done while dashing.
  • Super Ikaku Gan  (Super Intimidating face)-  Similar to the FIntimidating Face Attack but with the image of her young face. She had this move in Power Instinct Legends.
  • Sho Tori Kyaku (Rising Bird Kick)- Oume jumps in the air and stomps on her opponent's head and if the attack hits she jumps backs in the air.
  • Irokoi Musou(Matchless Love Affair) - Oume  will slam the opponent into the ground making him/her bounce, while the opponent is on the air. Oume will kick the opponent rising him/her highger into the air to finally shots several heart bombs to the opponent.

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