Super Otane
Super Otane
Age18 years
BirthdateSeptember 15, 1915
BirthplaceSomewhere in the northwestern region of Kyoto Japan
Height161.1 cm
Weight50kg (She says that is 47 kg)
Blood typeUnknown
Footsize23 cm
Three sizesB85cm W55cm H83cm
Favorite colorPink and Yellow
Favorite foodChocolate, Tiramisu
Least favorite foodAny food made with plum or plum derived products
Physical appealHer smooth hair
HobbiesTraining to be the Goketsuji leader
FamilyOshima Goketsuji(Mother), Otane Goketsuji(Twin Sister)

Super Otane is the transformed state of Otane Goketsuji. In this form, she reverts to her appearance back when she was a young girl.

About Super OtaneEdit

Otane steals her opponent's life energy to become young again. In the past, she had a heart of gold capable of pure and undying love. Now she uses this as a very powerful weapon to destroy her enemies. Unfortunately, she can only stay young for 10 seconds.

When Otane was young she hadn't the opportunity to attend school due to the economic situation of her adoptive family, however, her favorite clothing style is the sailor school outfits. When the game was in development it was though that the young versions of Oume and Otane would differ having Otane wearing a sleeveless shirt and Oume a School blouse, there are a couple of illustrations showing this, but to save some sprite work, was decided to use the same sprites for both twins. However when Goketsuji Ichizoku Bonnou no Kaihou was released, this was switched, being Otane the twin wearing school blouse and Oume wearing a sleeveless shirt in their official artworks, still both twins use the same sprites in the game.

Otane's favorite sport is tennis. and her ideal man for her would be someone honorable, strong and preferably taller than her, nevertheless, she doesn't give to much importance to appearance, and any man who is kind and shows love to her is acceptable for Otane.

Special Moves Edit

  • Chourenka(Heart Bomb) - Otane leaps into the air, throwing out a flaming heart at her enemy that will ignite them in deadly flames upon contact.
  • Sha Chourenka - Much similar to the above move, only done from the air and is aimed downwards at the enemy.
  • Koushokuheki(Rainbow Colored Wall)- Otane throws her arm down through the air, creating a rainbow-colored shield of energy for protection.
  • Henshin Modori   (Transformation Revertion)- Otane reverts her transformation to her normal form
  • Niku Koi Hi    (Awful Love Blaze) - Basically a more powerful version of the Chourenka. This is her Stress shoot in the NESiCAxLive version of Senzo Kuyou.

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