Super Kurara
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Super Kurara is the super-powered version of Kurara Hananokoji that she can transform into through the use of a special move. In Power Instinct Legends, she was made a playable, though separate, character. In Goketsuji Ichizoku Matsuri Senzo Kuyou, this form of Kurara was given a redesigned appearance akin to that of a maid.

About Super Kurara Edit

Kurara can change into an adult version of herself; in this form she exchanges her skirt and wand for roller skates and new and powerful techniques.

Special Moves Edit

  • Spark Savior - Super Kurara launches blasts from her fists at the enemy.
  • Angle Savior - Much like the above move, only aimed upwards.
  • Spark Barrier - Super Kurara sweeps the ground with her leg, unleashing a rising blast of energy in the process. This move can also be done while dashing.
  • Brilliant Rush - Super Kurara dashes forward with her leg extended, leaving a trail of her energy behind her in her wake. It can sometimes knock down and hit the opponent twice.
  • Crystal Shine - Super Kurara throws down a powerful beam of energy from the sky at her foe.
  • Fairy Turn Attack - Super Kurara spins around, surrounded in a ball of energy. This technique can also be done while dashing.
  • Aurora Dash- Super Kurara powers up, leaving images of herself as she moves. Lasts for a short time or until she is attacked.
  • Hello, Hello! Anybody Home? - Super Kurara's super move. She leaps forward and grabs ahold of the opponent, slamming her fists repeatedly into their body before finishing with a final punch that sends them reeling in flame.
  • Spark Hurricane: Super Kurara shots a series of energy beams at the enemy then she close her hands to charge a big beam then she shoots it at the enemy. This is her stress shot in the NESicaxLive Version of Senzo Kuyou.


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