Oume & Otane
Umetane pi
NicknameBe afraid, the Goketsuji twins have united
Age100 years
BirthdateSeptember 15, 1915
BirthplaceSomewhere in the northwestern region of Kyoto, Japan
Height150 cm
Weight45 kg
Blood typeUnknown
OccupationGoketsuji Clan Leaders
HobbiesQuarreling each other, Maintenance of their dentures, absorbing the energy of young people
Attack specialtySupernatural Attacks and Sorcery

Oume & Otane are basically Oume Goketsuji and Otane Goketsuji with each other strapped to their backs, which is how they appeared in Groove On Fight. Since Oume decided to share the position of Clan Leader with Otane, this meant that both sisters would have to fight in the tournament together as one person, rather than fight separately. To make up for this, Falco was chosen to be their partner.

The sisters retain the same special attacks as they had in previous entries in the series, though they have a few techniques that are unique to Groove On Fight, such as summoning their mother from the heavens, or calling the spirits of their relatives to trample the opponent. Unlike the other entries, the sisters do not have a playable transformable form, though they do transform into their youthful forms when executing certain moves.

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  • Oume and Otane - Groove On Fight
  • Fly Away - Groove On Fight
  • Mystic - Groove On Fight


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