Ninja Boy
Alternate namesNinja Boy
AgeAround 14 years old

Kuroko (黒子) is a recurring character in the series. He has appeared in almost all entries to date, though usually as a character in the background observing the fighters, much like the kurokos who appear in Samurai Shodown. He made his first and only fighting appearance in Power Instinct Legends (under the name of "Ninja Boy" in the US version), and could only be selected as a partner character.

In Power Instinct and Power Instinct 2, he often interacted with the characters in their win poses and endings, the former being exclusive only in the first game. Along with a redesigned appearance, he was also called the "Enabler" in Power Instinct Matrimelee, and a player can summon him from background to move in between you and the opponent as a shield. The player could also hit Kuroko to knock him into the foe, and even launch him at the opponent.

About Kurokos Edit

Each participant in the Goketsuji tournament receives their own kuroko, a personal assistant. Should Kuroko's master win his position in the clan, he will also advance to a higher ranking as well.

His true identity is a mystery. One day he is an errand boy, the next he could be an assassin, and the next day he might be the official Goketsuji Master of Ceremonies... Could he be someone who lost in the Goketsuji Tournament? No one knows...

There are male and female Kurokos, but their identities are kept secret during the Goketsuji tournaments. They have had the opportunity to fight for the leadership of the clan, but no descendants from their part of the family have shown enough interest to contest for the title.

Participation Details Edit

  • Power Instinct Legends

Having as argument the article number 10 of the family code, this Kuroko was invited (forced) by Kanji Kokuin to participate in his friendly exhibition tournament, however his participation is limited to be the support for contestants that could not get a proper team partner and he is not allowed to take the role of leader of the team. Much like Saizo he is very shy and is one of the reasons he hides his face.

Appearances Edit

Special Moves Edit

  • Hi Sen Chou(Flying Bird Fan) - Kuroko throws a fan at the opponent.
  • Hana Geige Kitsui Senka(Fan Aircraft Technique) - Kuroko leaps into the air, slashing with his fans.
  • Fu Retsu Ra - Kuroko swings into the air, twirling with his fan.
  • Mugen Mangetsu Dan(Full Moon Fantasy Bullet)- Kuroko pulls out a large red iron ball, and launches it at an opponent.
  • Oboro Dukuyo(Moonlit Night) - Kuroko pulls out a large bazooka and fires objects at the opponent. If one holds a direction down while using the attack, it will launch a different set of objects (another kuroko and a series of bombs).

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