Jack Frost
Jack frost purikura
Height150 cm
HobbiesPulling Pranks

Jack Frost (J.フロスト) is a character disigned for the Shin Megami Tensei series and has been corporate mascot of Atlus since his creation in 1990. He was voiced by GANKO in Purikura Daisakusen

About Jack Frost Edit

A snow elf that only appears during winter and melts away in spring. His body is made of Ice and snow and has a very unique sense of humor. It is said that he can change his appearence and transform into a child or an oldman and that his real form is like and abominable snowman and his current looks is to make people feel confidence to get close to him.

Frost have a child-like personality very friendly and innocent in appearence but he can be very cruel when he gets angry or somebody dislike him, being even able to kill using his freezing skills. He tends to add "Hee-ho" onto his sentences.

In Purikura Daisakusen he attacks with ice balls. In his Special attack he creates a snow storm that brings big pieces of ice that fall down to the flor. Jack Frost is one of the final evolutions of the pure egg.



Shot : Bufu

Special Attack : Mahabufu

Black Frost Edit

Black Frost is the evil transformation of Jack Frost. Frost became evil while in his ambition for being more powerful than King Frost he remebered his demonic nature.

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