NicknameMr. Gamble
Age70 years
BirthplaceLondon, England
Height172 cm
Weight60 kg
HobbiesGambling, mind reading, theater
Attack specialtyAttacks that outwit his enemies

Falco (ファルコ) is a character who appeared in Groove On Fight.

About Falco Edit

Falco is an expert at any kind of game (Poker, mahjong, etc). He usually is a very nice person and likes to make jokes, but when he is gambling he always has a serious and disturbing expression on his face.

Falco met the Gouketsuji twins one night while he visited a casino property of Otane. There he played poker against Oume, resulting in an overwhelming victory for Falco. Angry over her defeat, Oume attacked Falco, who was easily able to evade most of her attacks thanks to his ability to read his opponent's mind. Otane, who was watching the fight and was impressed by Falco's fighting skills, stopped Oume and asked Falco to team up with them in the Gouketsuji tournament in exchange for a monetary reward.

Special MovesEdit

  • Bluff Shuffle - Falco throws a poker card at his foe for damage.
  • Face or Back - Falco leaps through the air, landing away, behind the opponent in front of them depending on the button pressed. If done while dashing, a Bluff Shuffle can be executed upon landing if the timing is right.
  • Reversal Slot - Falco starts up a slot machine above him. Depending on the outcome of the spin, a different effect will occur (i.e. Healing him, coins fall on the enemy, ect.).
  • Insight Dash - Falco throws himself toward the enemy in a dashing maneuver. If he is attacked during this move, he will automatically block and counterattack.
  • Three Characters - A three-part chain special. Falco throws three different mahjong tiles at the opponent that will throw them through the air.
  • Killer Draw - His Unblockable move. Falco slides forward, slashing the opponent with a sword hidden in his cane.
  • Stormy Poker - Falco spins into the air, throwing out giant poker cards to slash the opponent as it knocks them up into the air.

Quotes Edit

  • Gambling has sharpenned my life...Is still to early to lose.
  • What's up! I haven't used my trump card yet!
  • Apparently... I saw the joker before you
  • You were played by the flow of clumsy.

Music Theme Edit

  • Fly Away - Groove On Fight

Appearances Edit

  • Groove On Fight

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