This is the movelist for Elizabeth Belti in her appearance in Goketsuji Ichizoku Matsuri Senzo Kuyou. These moves are when facing right; reverse when facing left.

  • Special Attacks
Ventaglio di Roma - Elizabeth swings her fan in an arc above her head, hitting enemy several times and launching him away. Can be done during a dash to perform Shadow Version, which hits more times.

→↓↘ + Punch

Ecco Volare- Elizabeth opens her book and releases a murder of crows which travel in an arc upward. The strength of the button determines the length of the arc.

←↙↓↘→ + Punch

Parasole Rotazione - Elizabeth slides forward, turning her fan into umbrella and spinning it in a drill-like manner. Second button input opens the umbrella for an extra hit which knocks the opponent away.

↓↘→ + Punch

What are you Watching - Elizabeth jumps into the air, lifts her skirts and attempts to catch opponent's head into a headlock. If she succeeds, she performs a throw which slams the opponent into the ground.

→↓↘ + Kick

  • Super Attacks


Cambiamento Scalpello - Elizabeth opens her grimoire and launches a green flame projectile out of it. Opponent hit by it is turned into a bug for some time.

↓↘→↓↘→ + Punch


Mio Ritratto - Elizabeth transforms her body into three pictures which will move about for a short time, smashing into the opponent if they are in range.

↓↙←↙↓↘→ + Punch


Ottimo Sentimento

↓↘→↓↘→↓↘→ + C

Transformation Manouver

Breast Sand

→↘↓↙← + D - Elizabeth turns her hair into a hand, which attempts to grab the opponent. If she succeds, she drags the opponent towards herself and places them between her breasts, as they grow in size and opponent takes damage. After the move ends opponent falls down and Elizabeth transforms into her younger self.