Bristol Weller
Bristol Weller
NicknameThe other face of the darkness
Age35 years
BirthplaceBirmingham, England
Height191 cm
Weight70 kg
OccupationPresident of a certain international organization, with concurrent posts at various other organizations
HobbiesCharitable activity, hypocritical activity, watching people suffering
Attack specialtyKick attacks, demon summoning
"The world needs a strong, brilliant leader....Someone like me."
Groove On Fight

Bristol Weller (ブリストル・ウェラー) is a character in Groove On Fight, serving as the story's main villain. Bristol is actually revealed to be a Devil Summoner in the final round of the game, going into an alternate appearance, Bristol-D.

About Bristol Edit

Born in a prominent family, Bristol is a very intelligent, yet hypocritical man. He achieved a good social status at a young age and has received several awards for his charity activities, but he uses this to hide his true personality. He is really a heartless, ambitious man that is able to do anything to get what he wants.

In recent years, he got a high rank inside the Gartheimer's company. Even with the success in his life, Bristol's ambition was to go beyond that; he made a pact with demons, so in exchange for supernatural power he must bring destruction and pain into the world.

Special moves Edit

  • Single Shot: Bristol waves one of his legs generating a shock wave that he fires at the opponent.
  • Hunting Mantis: Bristol will come to the opponent performing an aereal rushig kick then he will finish with a half moon like kick.
  • Killer Mantis: Bristol swings into the air with a deadly kick, and then comes back down with an overhead kick that knocks the foe straight to the ground. It can also be done while dashing.
  • Winners Strike: Bristol will perform a low kick followed by a high kick that sends the opponent throught the air, then Bristol will pull out a gun shotting the opponent while he/she is falling down.
  • Bloody Execution: Bristol will pull out a gun from his jacket and will fire three times. The power of the impact is very strong and takes nearly two thirds of the opponent's energy bar, however is very slow and hard to conect.

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Music Themes Edit

  • Poor Thing Man - Groove On Fight
  • Incarnation - Groove On Fight

Appearances Edit

  • Groove On Fight

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  • His organization's name is "Worldwide Charity Association”
  • It is possible he may have a connection to Olof Linderoth, as both share a few similar special attacks, are intellectual, dress in suits, share the same fighting style, and wear sunglasses.
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